Extensions to Wellesbourne

Five areas are under development / planning application. Of these one, Redhill Park (currently referred to as Ettington Park by builders Charles Church) is partly built and occupied. As there are no maps to show locations of the roads, I have traced the plan and marked in roads here. Apologies for the (lack of) quality - I am no draughtsman; better maps will appear as they become available.

Other areas: Oxford Way and the Dovehouse Drive spur are being connected by an area being called Mountford Place which comprises 2 roads, Cozens Street, and the smaller Tait Way. Air Commodore H Cozens and Group Captain JB 'Tirpitz' Tait DSO DFC were airmen based at Wellesbourne Mountford in WW2.

Across Loxley Road from the south end of Dovehouse is Chestnut Grove, comprising Horseshoe Crescent, Vulcan View and Wheelwright Way.

A fourth area south of Redhill Park, The Grange, comprising some 350 houses is at an early stage. A fifth roundabout will be put in shortly to give access both sides of the Ettington Road.

Equidebt House, also on Ettington Road, has been redeveloped and is now called Orchard Court. It has a new postcode, TX; Lowes Lane has been extended and given the code TU. The old Equidebt code, GA, appears to be being phased out, though mapping applications still recognise it (and not the new ones, yet).

Redhill Park Map

Last updated 03 Aug 2017

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